Port my number

All analogue lines, voice and fax lines, are being migrated to next generation technologies, which may result in your number not working unexpectedly

Benefits of porting your number

  • Your voice and fax numbers stays the same and is safe – you will not lose your number
  • Monthly line rental saves approximately R100 per number
  • Cheaper call rates
  • Link your landline voice line to your cell phone for calls
  • All faxes are sent and received by email

How to sign up

  • Complete the form
  • Wait a few days
  • Continue calling and faxing on your numbers without interruption!

What does it cost?

Single number : Initial once-off cost (home user / single phone)

  • Telkom port out R160
  • Other Service provider R100
  • Bitco R85

Single number : Monthly rates

  • Voice landline R55 p/m
  • Fax number R199 p/m

Which South African number can be ported to the cloud?

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